Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Road Hawk

So this year I've gotten on board with a new "on board camera" company, Road Hawk, and I was out testing some of the new Bullet R+ cameras around some local trails in Pemberton, BC.

The Bullet R+ camera is super light weight and has lots of settings configurations, which can be changed/updated on your PC... and to top it off, there are a wide range of mounting options!

I really love the fact that I cannot even notice the weight of the camera even when mounted on my trail helmet!  The cameras have two HD quality settings, 720p and 1080p, which can be changed on the fly and allow for different frames per second options.  The cameras also have the the option of adding a remote which also allows you take take still photos and start/stop video recording with the push of a button.
I'm still playing with some of the settings and mounting positions but here's a sneak preview of some recent trail footage!