Thursday, May 28, 2015

Go Girls!

It's no secret that mountain biking is a bit of a boys club...but if you were to visit Whistler, BC you'd never know it!  Sure the ratio of guys to girls is still a bit swayed to the opposite sex but there are tons of women shredders in these parts and it's a trend i hope to see continue.

This year I started coaching for the Dirt Series and I think this Girl Empowering coaching program is such a great way to get more ladies out there on the trails and progressing in a safe, fun and encouraging atmosphere!  

My first go at coaching kicked off in Santa Cruz, where the Dirt Series would host two Co-ed camps followed by a ladies only camp to close the California trip.  I had a ton of fun and I just couldn't believe how quickly everyone progressed from start to finish of each weekend.  What a great feeling to know that you were part of helping someone unlock some potential they never knew they had, or helping athletes overcome fears.  

One participant, Niki Gruttadauria just happened to be a writer for Live Strong Magazine and put up this great little article highlighting the top reasons why "chicks should start mountain biking" that I think everyone, not just the ladies, should check out!