Saturday, April 4, 2015

Playin'in the woods

Thanks to a terrible snow season in the Sea to Sky Corridor it meant that off-season for bikes was all-time!

With the ability to ride bikes through the entire winter, it meant that training had a whole lot more fun times and included much more time on the bike.

My Juliana Bicycles Roubion got a big workout this winter and I also ventured into the world of BMX, heading 3 hours south from Pemberton to the Abbotsford Indoor BMX track, to hone in on some new skills and stay dry on some of the winter's less favorable days.
Photo: Carolyn Kavanagh
A week before heading off to Sea Otter for the start of the DH season, I figured it was time to get in some time on the big rig to get reacquainted with her. Fellow mountain biker and Women's Free-ride Movement photographer extraordinaire was able to find a bit of extra time and join me on trail to snap a bit of video footage and get some great photos too!  Thanks Carolyn!!!

Can't wait for more biking to come.