Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Euro Trip Part 1

About a week following the Pemberton Enduro it was off to Europe for a month long adventure of racing and vacation. First stop, Peebles Scotland for round #2 of the Enduro World Series!  
All checked in a ready to go!
After landing in Glasgow we quickly made our way to Peebles and there was really no time to acclimatize as the very next morning I got right into training for the 8 stage race. 
We were greeted with some nice weather in Scotland, which was a really nice surprise and made training under severe jet lag much more manageable.  It was also really great to have the support of Juliana Bicycles and Marzocchi Suspension in the event arena, especially being so far from home.  Big thank you to both companies for the technical support and a "place to call home" while on sight.
On the way to stage 1 of day two

In the course of 4 days, training and racing, I rode almost 200km of amazing Scottish trails ranging from some surprisingly steep technical sections, flowy single track and just all around fun and challenging descents mixed in with some physical climbing sections.
En route to stage 1 of Day 1

The top of stage 3 day 1
Given all the circumstances, I'd have to say this was probably the four most mentally and physically challenging days of riding I'd ever experienced.  I pushed through many mental and physical barriers and I was pumped to cross the finish line in 29th.
Photo: SingleTrack Magazine
I was later told by many, more experienced enduro racers, that this was one of the most physically demanding and lengthy courses compared to other events.
Race Day 2 of the Enduro World Series
The crowds in Scotland though were so supportive that it made pushing through the pain that much easier!  It was such a great vibe overall and I really can't wait to go back next year!
The finish line!  
Following the race, we spent a couple days touring historic Edinburgh before heading on to Fort William for World Cup #3 and more exciting racing action.  It was great to see more than just the race tracks as there is some great history!
Overlooking "The royal Mile" from Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle from afar
Stay tuned for more....