Saturday, April 19, 2014

The results are in...

Race day has come and gone and I'd have to say that it was a fairly successful start to the race season.  I felt great on the bike all weekend and had probably one of the best times at Sea Otter so far!
Gettin' ready for race day...sweet tail gate cover!
My race run felt relatively good from an actual riding perspective; however as I neared the bottom section of the trail I realized I had way too much "left in the tank".  For some reason I just didn't trust myself to push 100% from top to bottom and I conserved too much energy.  While I'm somewhat satisfied with a top 5 podium finish (You can check out the full results here), I really felt a top 3 finish was mine to lose.
Photo credit: Vern Fisher
On a track that's won by pedaling your brains out, you just have to be pushing the whole way.  It's tough when you cross the finish line and your legs and lungs aren't that moment, you just realize you didn't leave it all out on the track.  When I came across the line and I didn't even feel tired, I knew that I had lost my opportunity to be on top of the box.
Photo Credit:  Chris Rasmussen
I believe my fitness is much stronger this year, as are my technical skills on the bike, and now it's just time to start believing in myself and gaining momentum and confidence.  I'll take a top 5 finish for now and use that as fire to fuel me as I really get into the busy race season to come.
Post race visit to the beach and pier
Until next time...