Friday, April 11, 2014

Juliana Bicycles - Bike Nights

To really kick off the Sea Otter Classic weekend of festivities, Juliana Bicycles hosted their first of many ladies "Bike Nights".  Inspirational women are chosen to share their stories and passion for biking.

On April 8th, Vanessa Hauswald was chosen to share her inspirational story of how biking and the biking community helped her win her fight against Cancer.  The term "fight like a girl" is certainly a fitting endearment here, as Vanessa fought her way through one of the most deadly forms of cancer and is still riding, coaching and being awesome today!

I was unfortunately unable to make it out to the event held at the Juliana Bicycles/Santa Cruz Bicycles factory  but was however fortunate enough to meet Vanessa in person while at Sea Otter Classic this year.  What an amazing woman, and such a humbling story.  I really found hearing about her fight put my own life into sure makes some of life's minor challenges seem pretty trivial.

It was amazing to discover how much her community rallied around her and helped in her time of need.  It seems that one of the great takeaways many people got from Vanessa's story, was that you can always ask for and find help when you need it no matter how great or small the challenge.