Sunday, February 23, 2014

Feelin' Strong!

This year I got myself a new trainer, Nicolle Bortolussi with Revolution Strength & Conditioning, who also just happens to be my neighbor and good friend.  She has worked tirelessly creating amazing strength & conditioning programs for me that are fun and have kept me motivated through the winter months.

As a mountain biker herself, Nicolle has made sure to include lots of exercises that have such a great relation to dominant movement patters of on-bike techniques.

Nicolle has also helped me with my nutrition this year and introduced me to the "My Fitness Pal" app to help me track what I am eating and how my % caloric intake breaks down into fats, carbohydrates and proteins - This has really helped me ensure I am actually getting all the right nutrition in a day and has improved my recovery time and energy levels.

I feel stronger than ever and can't wait to get the season started!

See you on the trails!