Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sometimes it's just not your day

Another weekend of racing has come and gone and my focus at the first Canada Cup held in Mont Tremblant, Quebec was to ride more aggressive and just let loose.

The Tremblant course is longer than the first two this season and is known for it's physically demanding nature,  Riddled with rock gardens and uphill pedal sections, fitness and mental fatigue can definitely factor into one's success.

I had my new Santa Cruz V10 with brand new Schwalbe tires and Marzocchi Suspension under me, thanks to some help from Summit Sport Whistler, and I was feeling amazing in practice.

I definitely had one section that was giving me trouble but I was able to overcome it for race day...or so I thought.  On race day I charged out of the start and rode aggressive and hit all my lines, as I came into the section that had given me some trouble in practice, I tried to just stay aggressive and breath.  Unfortunately though it just wasn't my day and I ended up crashing.

As picked myself up out of the mud, and the seconds ticked away on the clock, I got back on my bike and finished strong on the last part of the course.

I was disappointed, as the crash cost me a spot on the podium, but I was happy to have ridden strong and aggressive.  Another positive I took away from the weekend was that I did not feel fatigued at all during the entire 3-day weekend of practice and racing on such a demanding course and I didn't let the crash affect the last half of my race.

I am trying to really find my edge of knowing when to pull back a bit, and when to just "give'er"'s a really fine line and it seems there's always something to learn.

Until next time!