Tuesday, April 30, 2013

California bound!

After a two year hiatus I decided to kick this season off right and was California bound for the 2013 "Sea Otter Classic".  One of the year's most fun events....and I didn't want to miss another year.
The view from our pad for the week
The winter's are always tough for me as I work full time, attend part-time studies and also need to make time for my training...this winter seemed excessively long in the Sea to Sky corridor and I've had some extremely long days.  Somehow though I managed to really put a-lot more time into my off season training this year and with school finished (unfortunately still have to work though) heading south into the California sunshine for some amazing mountain bike racing was definitely a welcome change!
Gettin' artsy on my track walk...ahhh sunshine!
The short, but pedally course, was sure to be a good measure of where I stood with my fitness...and of course was destined to be tons of fun.  I met up with a few of my BC friends and race buddies traveling from Ontario so we had a good group to ride and hang with.

Practice went great and it felt good to be back in a race setting.  I felt confident on race-day and ready to go.  
Practice day #2
I was one of only 2 female riders on a big-rig, which may have put me at a bit of a disadvantage given the nature of this course, but I had a decent run and only had one major mistake.  In the end the mistake cost me some precious time, but I still ended up with an 11th place finish in a pretty stacked field of ladies. 
coming into the finish
It was a great way to start the season and it was even better to know that my fitness is right where I had hoped it to be!  Next year I think I'll be looking to pack my small bike and hope to take some valuable seconds off my time in pursuit of a top 5 finish.

Next up is the North West Cup #2, and another chance to race against lots of fast ladies!
just havin' some fun in the pits