Saturday, July 21, 2012

National Champs!

I'm back in BC after a three week journey to the east coast for some awesome racing action!  The last stop before heading back to home was back at Mont Saint-Anne for Canadian National Championships.

Although, riding on a little bit of high coming from Windham, my body and brain were definitely starting to feel the effects of my major crash at the World Cup on this very same track just two weeks ago.

I was actually pretty pumped to get some "retribution" on the course, and during practice I was able to find a few new lines, and hit the big sender under the Gondola!  There was a slight change at the beginning of the course...but we still got to hammer down the wide open ski section!!!  
My seeding run on race day was a little scattered but I was able to stay on the bike and position myself well.  On race day...which was also my birthday...I was feeling a little tired and kind of scattered - It was pretty frustrating but I was able to hold it together relatively well.

My race run was definitely not the best run I was looking for,  but I stayed on the bike and was able to take about 10 seconds off my time from a couple weeks prior at the World Cup so I was stoked about that!  I ended coming away with a 7th place finish, and whole new appreciation of the traveling and racing demands of all those seasoned World Cup riders...I was only on my trip for a little over 3 weeks and was feeling some of the affects of being away from the comforts of home!

As I look back at the whole experience I think overall it was a successful trip!  My Santa Cruz V10 is holding up amazingly and the Marzocchi suspension has been ridiculous!

Unfortunately now it's right back to work and school.  I'll definitely have to make some time over the next couple weeks to fit in a little TLC on the body and get prepared for Canada Cup #2 in Panorama, BC!

Until next time...happy trails!