Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mont Sainte-Anne World Cup #4

I headed out on a three week journey to the eastern side of the continent for some more racing action on June 19th...first stop Mont Sainte-Anne World Cup!  I was super pumped to get to come back here to race becuase the course is just so awesome and the fans are great!

This year I was travelling with one of my Canadian racing buddies from the east cost, Kristen Courtney, and my good friends living just a few short minutes away from the mountain opened their home up to us once again!
Amazing view of the hill
We were greated with quite a different site this year...sunshine and blue skies!  It was kind of nice to see, considering last year it pretty much rained the whole weekend.
The top of the course was different than last was wide open and super fast!  I loved defenitely helped saved some energy for the bottom...which also boasted a new section that ran its way through the old 4-Cross course.

Practice day came, and I was pumped to ride!  Maybe a little too pumped though - I was having a great run, but when coming into the last section, the old 4-Cross course, I overjumped a set of doubles and had a major crash.  I scorpioned big time, and hit my head pretty good - I was a little bit out-of-it for about 10 minutes but when I finally made it back into the pits things were coming back was I in a lot of pain though!  I had to take the whole rest of the day off practice and wasn't even sure if I'd be able to race:(
Course, study, study
I drew a pretty detailed course map during my course walk, and since I didn't realy get any practice in before qualifications...I studied my "art work" dilligently the night before to help myself memorize all the twists, turns, jumps and multiple rock gardens.

I was super sore the next day, but considering the crash I had, I felt pretty good.  It was hard to make the decision whether to race or not, but in the end I decided to do a couple warm-up laps and then decide.  I banged off two great top-to-bottom laps with no stopping and decided to race!  
Kristen and I just before heading up for Qualification
I had to take it easy, but it was another great experience...especially since I'll be coming back to MSA in a couple weeks time for Canadian Nationals!  My race run was smooth, and I was happy with myself for pulling it together.  I ended up 26th; not too far off of a qualifying time...pretty amazing all things considered!
The finish line!
On the day of finals, I was hoping to see Emeline come through with the win (short girls have to stick together)...Rachel ended up taking the win with Myriam Nicole in second, and Emmeline in third.
Emmeline Ragot ripping into the first rock section
Rachel Atherton flying through the second rock section
I was pumped for Canadians, Casey Brown and Micayla Gatto for doing amazing in finals!  Micayla ended up with a podium finish in 5th place, with Casey close behind in 6th. Claire and Miranda both had some mishaps on course, but ended up 12th and 19th respectively.  There were a total of 6 Canadian women racing at this world cup all living in BC (and 9 Canadian women in total), which I think says a lot about the sport in our province!