Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hero dirt!

Pemberton is quite a gem when it comes to mountain biking trails and at this time of the year it's just hero dirt here!  I'd been trying to get my friend Karla out here for some riding for over a year now, but somehow it never quite worked out...until now.  Her and Brian made the 3 hour trek from Mission to Pemberton for an "all-mountain" day of riding.  Good buddy Matt Mallory and of course my hubby Sean joined in for some awesomeness too!

Me, Sean and Karla stoked for the ride
There's been another new trail built here in town recently so what better time to test 'er out than to show it off to a few friends...the lap is great bang for your buck as you pretty much descend for almost as long as you climb and lets just say that everyone was grinning ear to ear the whole way down!  I have to say a big thanks to whoever built this trail because it's so freaking awesome!!!!  My new pedal machine of choice this year, the Santa Cruz Heckler, has been a dream on trail so far and this weekend was no different!
Karla gettin' rad
Me gettin' rad
After finishing up our amazing XC adventure we had some lunch a couple beers and then decided to finish off the day with a few quick DH shuttle laps.

We tried to get up to one of Pemby's most amazing DH trails, "Resurrectum", but it was just a bit too early still and we ran into some deep snow that even the F-150 wasn't going to make it through.  We decided to hit up a coupld "Jim-Jam" laps instead...definitely not a bad trail to have to "settle for":)
Still too much snow on the shuttle road to Resurrectum...boooo:(
Sean and Brian hit the gap jumps on Jim Jam...good job boys!  One of these days I'll work up the kahunas to hit the three pack I swear...stupid ladder bridge entrance;)

Brain on the three pack
Big, awkward river gap jump...Sean made it look easy!
Super amazing day...stoked that biking season is finally here to stay!  Thanks Matt Mallory for snapping some shots of the day.