Saturday, June 11, 2011

My new baby

After much anticipation, I finally got my brand new baby!  My new Santa Cruz Cardon V10 came into the world weighing 37lbs, pimped out with Marzocchi 888 Evo-Ti forks, and Rocco World Cup shock.  What a sight to see... probably one the the most amazing looking bikes I've seen, and now my family of bikes is complete:)

My Family of Bikes
The V10 seemed to be a taller bike than I'm used to at first glance, but once I was on top it fit like a glove.  Being a short rider, I really like the small cockpit as I'm able to get a more balanced stance while riding.  First ride on the new bike was amazing and I found myself able to break later going into corners and generally ride faster with more stability and confidence.  I have a tendency to "monster truck" my way through a lot of stuff so I really did notice the difference of having an extra 2 inches of travel.

The new 888 Evo-Ti and Rocco World Cup were both great additions to my package, and have a ton of adjustability.  The forks track really well and have a good snap coming out of corners.

2011 Carbon V10
I headed to some of the rougher trails in the Whistler Bike Park to really put my new baby to the test, and I hardly noticed any gnarly roots, rocks or breaking bumps.  This bike certainly lets you get loose, without suffering all the consequences.

I'm not usually one to say that a bike can make you a better rider, but I certainly seem to have a little more confidence on trail after only a few laps.  I'm super stoked to get to race on the new bike this weekend and can't wait to become one-with-it.