Monday, June 27, 2011

Bear Mountain -BC Cup #2

Last weekend the 2nd BC Cup race of the year took place in Mission, BC at Bear Mt. on June 19th.  This is a super fun course and usually really fast; however the rainy weekend certainly made it tough to break the course record put up by Steve Smith many years ago.  Despite all the rain, spirits remained high and there was a great buzz trhoughout the whole weekend!
 A very muddy, but super fun course!

Me, coach Cory Leclerc, and Kelsey Begg enjoying the rain.
Practice was great and I was starting to feel "like one" with my new V10!  This race was a perfect opportunity to get a feel for the new bike, and dial in my suspension in preparation for the upcoming Canada Cup.  I had a ton o fun racing at Bear Mountain, and ended up placing 3rd.  Catherine Short took first and Gabby Malloy 2nd, to round out the top three pro-women.  I was pumped to see two good buddies, Jeff Bryson and Adriano Digiacinto (Bryson Racing clan) kill it, coming first and third respectively in pro-men.

A before and after shot

Practice day
Instead of champagne on the podium, Bear Mountain has a long standing tradition of throwing the winners into the near by pond, which is actually quite nasty... and this year was no different.  Lauren Rosser (Jr. Women's winner) put up a good fight though and ended up taking her attacker in with her; Way to represent Lauren!

Pro-Women's podium
There wasn't much time for celebrating after this one though... two days later I headed back out east to Quebec for the second Canada Cup and the World Cup! 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My new baby

After much anticipation, I finally got my brand new baby!  My new Santa Cruz Cardon V10 came into the world weighing 37lbs, pimped out with Marzocchi 888 Evo-Ti forks, and Rocco World Cup shock.  What a sight to see... probably one the the most amazing looking bikes I've seen, and now my family of bikes is complete:)

My Family of Bikes
The V10 seemed to be a taller bike than I'm used to at first glance, but once I was on top it fit like a glove.  Being a short rider, I really like the small cockpit as I'm able to get a more balanced stance while riding.  First ride on the new bike was amazing and I found myself able to break later going into corners and generally ride faster with more stability and confidence.  I have a tendency to "monster truck" my way through a lot of stuff so I really did notice the difference of having an extra 2 inches of travel.

The new 888 Evo-Ti and Rocco World Cup were both great additions to my package, and have a ton of adjustability.  The forks track really well and have a good snap coming out of corners.

2011 Carbon V10
I headed to some of the rougher trails in the Whistler Bike Park to really put my new baby to the test, and I hardly noticed any gnarly roots, rocks or breaking bumps.  This bike certainly lets you get loose, without suffering all the consequences.

I'm not usually one to say that a bike can make you a better rider, but I certainly seem to have a little more confidence on trail after only a few laps.  I'm super stoked to get to race on the new bike this weekend and can't wait to become one-with-it.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Mont Tremblant - Canada Cup #1

The first Canada Cup race of the year took place just a couple weeks ago in Mont Tremblant, Qc.  This was my first experience racing on the eastern part of Canada and I was pumped to try out a new track. 

There was quite the turnout of riders and the weekend had a good buzz, being one of the first meetings of the year for some of Canada's top racers.  The Mont Tremblant course has been on the circuit for many years, and is challenging and longer than some of the tracks and it is full of rock gardens; it certainly tests ones fitness!

In place of the steeper terrain that I have come accustomed to here in BC, I was surprised to find several short uphill sections exiting technical rock gardens - The real challenge of this course was finding flow and keeping your momentum.

Race day ran smoothly and it was great to get another race under my belt and gain the experience of racing out east on a totaly differnt style of track. Despite a crash I had in the first half of the course, I ended up coming out with a 6th place finish in pro-women. 

Fellow CCN rider Danice Uyesugi ended up riding her way to a 4th place finish.  Lauren Rosser (jr. women) posted the fastest overall women's time of the day and Miranda Miller was the fastest of the pro-ladies.  On the men's side it was Andrew Mitchell, Dean Tennant and Yann Gauvin who rounded out the top three.  I was pumped for my good buddy Jeff Bryson (Brayson Racing Clan) for rocking his way to a 7th place finish.

All in all it was a great weekend and a good lead up to some bigger races soon to come!