Sunday, April 17, 2011

C4 Training Sessions

After some successful race training sessions last year with Cory Leclerc-C4 Rider Trainning, I figured it'd be great to get a jump on things this year with some early off season training.

Photo by Zander Geddes
Pump Track Action
My training has brought together strength and cardio programs, courtesy of Karen Mann, and on-the-bike drills and training sessions with Cory and the rest of the C4 Race team.

Karen provided me with not only a very detailed gym training plan but also some great input on correcting some of my movement patterns to help fix some of my old injuries, and prevent new ones!

Training with Cory and the C4 boys has been challenging, yet super fun, and has really helped me gain some needed confidence and improvement in my technical abilities.  Although not always conventional, Cory's methods work and he certianly keeps you entertained along the way.

Photo by Zander Geddes
Cory giving us a pep-talk
In all seriousness, Cory cares about your success, and really strives to help one reach their goals.  I'm stoked for what lies ahead this season, and know that I am better prepared thanks to all the hard work!