Friday, August 13, 2010

Crankworx- Air DH

The Air DH held on A-line (one of Whistler bike park’s most popular trails) is probably one of the most fun and stress free races of the year, it’s a Crankworx crowd favourite, and there’s always a few show-boaters to keep them happy.

After a successful Garbonzo race, I headed to A-Line to try to learn how to scrub the jumps and stay low, in hopes of smashing my time from last year. This was definitely more difficult than one would expect- mostly I ended up out-jumping a lot of the jumps in my attempts to go faster. On race day I figured that the many laps I’ve logged over time would be enough and I would try not to “out ride” the trail.
                            (Photo by: M. Mallory CycleComponentNetwork)

The women’s field was pretty stacked which was awesome! I had a decent run, beat my time from last year, and ended up 15th which is not bad considering the caliber of women racing. At the end of the day Anne Caroline Chausson came out with another win; she really attacks every race course, and it was amazing to get see her ride. My next race is the Canadian Open which is the very last race of Crankworx. It’s a challenging course, but it’s super fun, and has some great new additions- time to get out there and train!