Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crankworx- Garbonzo DH

After a successful weekend at Mt. Washington I was stoked to get back home and start ramping up for Crankworx! I got right into training for the Garbonzo DH race, and even got a chance to get in a training day with the C4 ladies group. The course was in pretty good shape, and it was almost looking like we might get to race Garbo with dry conditions.... Wrong! Of course in true Garbonzo fashion, it rained the night before and continued misting on race race day. The course got pretty slick, especially through In-Deep and the bridges on Duff Man, and I, like some other riders, ended up coming down with a couple minor crashes.
             (Photo by: James Healey)

Despite a few slip ups, I was happy with my run and the fact that I took 18 seconds off my time from last year. Having yet another opportunity to race against the world’s top female riders racing on the world cup circuit was a great experience and to top it off I came out with a 7th place finish! I never really thought of myself as an endurance racer, but when I got near the bottom it was easier than expected to find my second wind and push through all the hurt... next up Air DH!