Friday, July 23, 2010

Panorama- Mad Trapper Canada Cup

After a very long journey home I am excited to finally get my thoughts down on paper following last weekends Mad Trapper Canada Cup. It was great to see so many riders stick around to partake in what was another exciting race event. Thanks to some antics had by some of the Jr. men after Nationals, the course got some much needed maintenance and a re-route back to what was the original course from past years. I was pretty stoked not to have had to contend with the uphill pedal of the last course, but at the same time it would have been nice to get some redemption from the preceding weekend.
(Photo by: Taylor Smith)

The course had definitely taken a beating during practice though and was even rougher than the National course by the time race day came around. It was dry and dusty and as I crossed the finish line I was pretty exhausted but happy with my 7th place finish. It was a long couple weeks of riding and racing, and it was nice to have a celebratory beer with a few of the other racers.
As the day wrapped up another great night ensued and more amazing memories were added to the bank. I have to say a big thanks to CCN for providing the trailer for our 2 week adventure, and of course to Summit Bike shop for getting my trusty steed all tuned up before leaving. Props to Panorama Mountain Resort, for being such a great host to the thralls of riders that took over the small resort town over the two-week period; I’m sure we all look forward to coming back again soon!