Thursday, July 15, 2010

Panoram update #2

After recovering from Nationals and a couple great nights out it was time to go ride some bikes again! Being so close to Golden, it was the perfect opportunity to get in some well deserved laps on Mt. Seven and ride some of the other trails Panorama had to offer.
On Tuesday I was stoked to get to hop in with the Bryson Clan as they headed to Mt. Seven for the day. We started our day by getting to ride a newly built trail from the top, “Red Wine Enema” followed by some more amazing laps down the “Psychosis” trail. As expected by the time we got to “snake alley” we were all grinning ear to ear and ready for more laps!

Us ladies hung back and took some photos to capture the amazing day and then it was back to the resort just in time for dinner.

The following day us ladies explored the many great trails Panorama has to offer and finished off our day by the pool with some water slide races.