Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fluid Ride Cup #1

This past weekend I participated in the first race in the Fluid Ride Cup series held in the Whistler bike park. The course consisted of two epic Whistler trails combined...Slayer and Detroit Rock City. With all the rain we’d been getting in the days leading up to the race the course had gotten pretty messy, which ultimately led to a few crashes had by many riders throughout the weekend.

I had some pretty good training runs and overall I was confident heading into race day. Unfortunately the biking gods were not smiling down on me for race day...right out of the start gate I made a costly error and from that point on all I could think about was trying to make up some time. I had lost some of my focus and just a few short turns into my run I had two off the bike crashes in a row. From there, I actually made it through most of the technical sections unscathed, but being that I fell victim to a couple more crashes near the bottom, any chance of contending was gone out the window. As I came through the finish line, I really couldn’t believe what had just happened; talk about being trapped in one of your worst nightmares! Despite the crashes though (and not to mention a bit of a dent in my pride & confidence) I was able to stay injury free and finish my race run....this was more than a few other riders who crashed that weekend could say.
(Photo by Todd Hellinga)

It was tough to see the positive side of the race, but a friend and I later joked that there were lots of positive mantras to take away from the experience: “I got all my crashes out in one race”, “it can only go up from here” etc. etc. Seriously though, I did learn that when mistakes are made the best thing to do is really forget about them and just race your race; once you start over thinking or trying too hard you’re only going to make more mistakes. A wise man once told me “you’re going to have bad have to have a short memory and move on”. Some excellent words to live by for sure, and with an entire race season left to come there’s lots to look forward to. My next adventure will be on the North Shore at the 3rd BC Cup of the season!