Saturday, June 5, 2010

DH Smackdown- Northshore Bike Fest

Following a disappointing finish at last week’s race in Whistler, my aim was to come into this race with the intention of regaining some of the momentum I had started to build after the second BC Cup in Nanaimo. I had raced “Ned’s” last year and it was a great experience, so I was really looking forward to this weekend. We had a great team contingency, everything was well organized and there was such an amazing vibe. It was great to have a base camp too, with the CCN trailer in the midst of all the “North Shore Bike Fest” festivities.
(Photo by Florent Carreyron)

Training went pretty smooth and on race day it was really just about trying to keep my nerves calm enough to maintain my focus and hit my lines. This race was certainly a big improvement over last and so from that I will be able to draw out some positives and bring myself one step closer to figuring out exactly what I need to do to get myself into the right mindset for each race. I rode pretty conservative and had several close calls during my race run but was still able to pull out a 6th place finish. Being a highly competitive person it is always my goal to come out on top, so when that doesn’t happen it’s back to the drawing board to try to figure out what I can do better next time. Maybe it’s time to rethink my approach to practice or maybe I even need to stop putting so much pressure on myself; one thing’s for sure though, I will definitely not let a couple of less than perfect races get in my way and in the end I am still pretty stoked to have found out that I am now sitting 3rd in cumulative points for the BC Cup series! The next upcoming race is the Arduum Challenge... one of the gnarliest tracks in the series and always lives up to it's name!