Thursday, June 24, 2010

Arduum = Gnarly!

I just got back from a crazy weekend in Mission racing the Arduum Challenge, and have a few new bruises to add to my repertoire! Arduum is by far one of the craziest tracks in the BC Cup circuit only because it's such a tough trail to "race". Out for a chill day riding with your buddies it's great, but trying to put in a clean run is near impossible! This year there were a few improvements to the trail over previous years, and the shuttle system was tons better too.

Unfortunately there was quite a high number of injuries due to crashes, and I myself was included in that number. On practice day I bailed pretty hard off the "Race Face Rock Drop", bouncing and tumbling several times down the steep run out, somehow managing to miss most of the nasty stumps, trees and rocks on my way down. As I picked myself up off the course I was shocked to have walked away with minor injuries. As the day went on things began to hurt more, and new injuries seemed to prevail as the adrenalin wore off. In the end I decided to drop out from the race in hopes of keeping myself somewhat in tact for some very important upcoming races.

The course claimed many riders over the course of the weekend and I wish all the racers who came out more worse-for-wear than I a speedy recovery!

Until next time.